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Food….it’s what brings us all together really.  Ever host a party, clean the entire house and find that the only room anyone spends any time in is the kitchen?  I bought my current house based on a line in the sales flyer that read “this home is where friends gather”.  How right they were.  But back to food…it really is on my mind all day from making three meals, packing school lunches, thinking about what to make for the ill neighbor next door, snacks for the soccer game this weekend, fun recipes on the internet, friendships that are cemented by food… This site is where friends gather to share recipes, kitchen triumphs (and failures!) and celebrate all that brings us together, virtually or in person.  Cheers!

Food shopping in Paris….does it get any better???

Greasy Camera

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2 thoughts on “Welcome to the Greasy Camera

  1. You truly are amazing my friend!!! I am so impressed by you! I either need to come up and spend some time with you in your kitchen (I am not a cook….I don’t like to cook but I do relish the idea of one day actually getting into it if I had the right motivation) or, you need to come down here for a week and spend some time showing me how to use my kitchen! LOL! My mom was NOT a cook and thus the only memories of “kitchen time” was with my grandma when she would visit us from Chicago for a few weeks or we visited her. She was a fabulous cook!! I love how involved you have gotten your kids too…..do I dare admit I am a bit jealous? Anyhow, I vow to try out some of your recipes!!! Thanks for sharing with us Wendy!!!
    Ciao bella,

    PS. You need to post the cucumber vodka drink….yum!

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